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International Orchestra Auditions Awards – The Samnium International University Of Music

“In every human being there is a natural need for music, an inner musicality. Everyone has artistic skills, especially musical skills. Everyone has the right to develop his/her own creativity and to grow together with it. Therefore the musical experience must become a cultural and human heritage shared by all “.

The Samnium International University Of Music intends to support all young people through musical experience, intended as human and cultural heritage. Samnium University was founded in 2018 by a group of established musicians in the world panorama of classical, symphonic and operatic repertoire. Since its inception, the University has supported young and older musicians from all over the world, creating for them with internationally renowned teachers, creating pre-professional and professional opportunities for them. The Samnium International University Of Music’s commiitment  is projected throughout the national and international territory with annual courses, masterclasses and workshops, specialization and high specialization courses, concert seasons, tours, events and activities with several and established theaters all over the world. the world.

The international project “International Orchestra Auditions Awards -” Unitedformusic “aims to represent, worldwide, through the experience of live listening, a renewed approach to the classical and symphonic music world, trying to improve the intellectual and emotional well-being of human beings. The project developed by the Samnium International University of Music is divided into a series of paths that highlights how much classical, symphonic and operatic music is intrinsically linked to history, culture and globalization. For this to happen, it is necessary that this artistic and cultural project must respond to requirements of content and forms that can guarantee a “path” of artistic growth by directing talented young people, in collaboration with other universities of music in the world, to the profession of musician.

International Orchestra Audition Awards will award scholarships worth a total of $ 90,000.

The Samnium International University of Music is an integral part of this artistic and training program called “International Orchestra Auditions Awards”: it aims to prepare young and middle aged, from all over the world, for the profession of musician; a launching pad following a specific training program involving other universities and artistic / musical associations around the world, through an international competition / audition. A crucial moment within this project consists of the possibility of being able to express the artistic work through participation in public concerts in the most important and suggestive theaters in Europe; among these certainly is the Vienna Musikverein which will host the finalists of the competition / audition in the concert of 21 June 2021.

The Samnium Symphony Orchestra was founded with the intention to offer to every musician around the world the opportunity to get in touch and make music together. In a word: promoting music in the world through the foundation of a permanent and stable orchestra. In addition, Samnium has created a digital platform for the management and coordination of a system of cooperation between musicians from all over the world, where they will collaborate among each other for the equal exchange of logistics and booking.

The Samnium University of Music has received European funding to form this stable orchestral group that is an expression of the university community, composed by those who practice the study of a musical instrument with continuity and passion and who have the time and desire to commit to an initiative in name of Samnium, Italian university of music. In addition, music conservatories, international academies and other music schools can provide a qualified partnership for the initiative through their teachers, students and other resources.

The musicians who will distinguish themselves during the concerts organized by the Samnium University of Music, at the Musikverein in Vienna and other traditional theaters in Italy, in June 2021 will have the opportunity to be hired for future collaborations or events and will be able to be part of the permanent staff of the Samnium Symphony Orchestra

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