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Alexander Ramm

Thank you, Alexander for your availability for this interview.
Thank you for your message! It would be a great honor to have an interview for mycello! I hope my answers are not too boring…

And now, here the first question: when did you start to play the cello?
At the age of 7

Why the cello and not another musical instrument?
At first, I wanted to be a violinist. But teachers at music school convinced me that I was too old to start to play the violin and offered a “bigger violin”. God bless them!

Who was your first (or the most important) cello teacher?
My first teacher was Svetlana Ivanova in Kaliningrad. The next teachers were Alexey Seleznev, Lev Evgrafov, Maria Zhuravleva, Natalia Shakhovskaya, and Frans Helmerson. All of them are very important to me.

Which cello do you play?
Since 2011 I have played the modern one made by Jebran Yakoub. This is a fantastic instrument – it has a very strong, bright and deep sound with a great range of colors. At the Tchaikovsky competition finals, it was only one modern cello. Others were 2 Strads, Roggeri, Guadagnini etc. And no one from the jury and the audience noticed I played the modern cello.

What is the moment of your career that you remember with more pleasure?
I hope these kind of moments are coming!

What is your favorite orchestra? Who is the conductor you appreciate the most?
It’s impossible to pick one. The same as I can’t name my favorite composer or piece written for cello.

If you were asked to organize a concert for children who have never attended a classical music concert, which compositions would you choose to play?
Something not very long and difficult. I would say Saint-Saens concerto or Rococo Variations.

What are, among your musical project for 2019, those that are closest to your heart?
I have not chosen yet. But at the end of 2018, I released very important work for me. Recording of Britten Suites for cello solo.

And now the last question, a piece of advice for those who have to face their first competition: better to play after or before eating?
At the competitions, I couldn’t eat before playing.

Thanks again for being patient with us and for answering our questions. Best wishes for your career!