HAPPENED TODAY - On November 28, 1868, the composer Carl Frühling was born in Lviv

Arianna Trusgnach (2)

From the organizational point of view, the journey is the responsibility of the cellist. Board and lodging are provided by the “100Cellos” team. In the last reunions we tried the wonderful formula of being hosted by families of the city where the reunion is held. in exchange for hospitality we offer to the family to watch our show. Only minors, accompanied by their families, must organize themselves independently in finding accommodation.


How was the Macerata experience? (from the human and musical point of view)
To play with a sacred cello monster like Giovanni Sollima, believe me, it’s a fortune that doesn’t happen every day. His great humanity and his performances always keep us speechless. The ideas of Enrico Melozzi, then, are always crazy and unconventional and this is precisely what makes our shows magical. When someone asks me what I find so beautiful in these reunions, I always reply that I feel indescribable happiness, because I feel enveloped by a glass bell in which only music and friendship flutter.
The experience of Macerata was the confirmation of what I support: the union of people of a human depth that goes beyond any imagination, not only of the musicians but also of the families that welcomed us. My daughters and I, for example, have had the honor of being hosted by wonderful people, who have made us enter their home as if we were always family. And it only thanks to music, which I think is the only instrument that can currently generate intercultural dialogue. Suffice it to say that on the stage of the Sferisterio a fourteen-year-old Iranian singer performed with us, who cannot make her wonderful public voice in her country, and a group of asylum seekers who accompanied us with percussion in the Hymn to Joy of Beethoven. The exhibition with the PFM was fantastic: playing with a so important band it is not an everyday thing, especially for the rhythmic difficulties involved in their pieces.
At each meeting, we usually create small flashmobs in the squares of welcoming cities. That of Macerata, in my opinion, was the most sparkling: we played in the market stalls, temporarily blocking traffic and receiving fervent invectives from a policewoman asking us who authorized us to play there. the funniest thing was that the mayor of the city and the organizer of the Macerata Opera Festival were present, so she left with her tail between her legs while we continued unperturbed playing Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit.

When and where will the next meeting take place? Will you go there?
A meeting closes today in Tokyo, but only a small delegation of Italian cellists participated. All others were selected directly in Japan.
In Italy, the next meeting will be held in Pavia on 4 February. I can not wait to go there. I have already asked my colleagues if they will cover my class (I am a primary school teacher) and they, like every time, have given me their approval with great enthusiasm. They are my biggest supporters! Now I only hope in the manager’s ok.

Thank you for your availability and … see you soon in Pavia!