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Building bridges between cultures and ages

International call for scores

​On The Bridge – Cello Ensemble, in collaboration with MyCello – the world of the cello in a click and the NoMus Association of Milan, announces an international call for scores and invites composers from all over the world, of any age and nationality, to write a composition based on historical periods, composers or pieces written anywhere on the planet, from the dawn of music to 1750. ​

The composition, published and unpublished, must be written for the following ensemble: cello ensemble (from 3 to 12) or cello ensemble plus one other instrument or voice. The language chosen may be free or preferably in a compositional style that encompasses the cultural tradition of one’s own country: in this case, the pieces will be given special consideration.

Participation in the Call for Scores does not entail any registration fee. In addition, the following call for scores has no expiry date: composers are free to send scores to onthebridgecelloensemble@gmail.com at any time. It is also possible to send pieces that have already been performed or to indicate pieces that have already been published.

The composition must belong to one of the following categories:
A – Starting from one or more whole original themes, from one or more fragments of pieces, or from one or more fragments in their own right: any formal musical structure (rondò, dances, Sonata Form, theme, and variations, or any other form also free) as long as the theme or fragment is not a simple quotation, but has structural importance within the chosen form.
B – Revisitation of a piece while maintaining the same number of voices or instruments; simple transcriptions are not permitted: the composer must alter the piece by exploiting any timbral and percussive possibilities of the cellos (use of mutes, pizzicati, tremolos, sounds on the bridge or beyond, harmonics, scordature, prepared cello, etc.) and/or by varying the harmony.
C – Addition of new parts to a composition originally written for one or more instruments or voices without distorting the piece itself (the original parts must remain unchanged).
D – A new piece in a specific musical style, using the language of an author or the mannerisms of a historical period.

The artistic direction of the On The Bridge ensemble, after careful analysis and performance of the scores, will select the pieces to be included in its future concert and recording program. At the ensemble’s discretion, the selected pieces may be included in the ON THE BRIDGE – Fund of the library of the NoMus Association of Milan dedicated to the cellist Italo Gomez. The pieces deposited at the association may be freely published at a later date by the composers. In this case, it will be up to them to send an edited copy to the association. For more information on the NoMus association: www.nomusassociazione.org

The call for proposals is part of the project “BUILDING BRIDGES BETWEEN AGES AND CULTURES”, which aims to create a collection of scores that relate current events to historical periods of the past by rediscovering original pieces for cello ensemble, transcribing and revising more or less well-known pieces and asking living composers to write new music on purpose. The goal of the ensemble is to bring to the concert seasons a new listening experience, but strongly linked to the past, with the conviction that no musical style or composer has ever waned and that a piece can become contemporary even only in the very moment of its performance, regardless of when it was written: every composition lives through its interpretation, so the performer’s contribution makes an old text contemporary and new, just as the composer makes it new by transcribing or revising it.

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