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Cremona Musica International Exhibitions and Festival 2019


From the 27 to the 29 September, the 2019 edition of Cremona Musica International Exhibitions and Festival will be held, an event that has a completely Cremonese DNA, but an absolutely international character and that brings together in the Lombard city the rich and varied world of professionals and enthusiasts that revolves around the art of violin making. From those who take care of safeguarding the forests from which the most suitable woods for the production of instruments come, to those who transform wood into a precious casket of sounds, to those who free the sounds, transforming them into notes that give form to the thousand emotions that arise in the human spirit.

For all musicians, Cremona is the home of music, the place of the soul in which Italian violin making has taken its first steps and then deservedly won the task of guiding and training those who want to consecrate their existence to this ancient art. The wonderful Museo del Violino tells the story of the great violin makers who first marked the road, and shows the masterpieces born from their skilled hands, but for the welcoming streets of the city, even today, the heirs of the great masters work wood with love, care, and skill of their great masters, immersed in a magical dimension, where time seems to flow slower and more serene than in any other part of the world.

And the same atmosphere is breathed, together with the good smell of wood, also in the stands of the Ca ’de Somenzi exhibition center, in the outskirts of the city of Cremona, where the Cremona Musica Exhibitions and Festival fair is held. The eyes of visitors caress with desire the wonderful instruments on display, the violin makers proudly display their “creatures”, happy for the appreciation they receive. In the air chase the voices of the great masters: a young cellist plays the first time in a Bach Suite, dreaming of the moment in which he can really afford to buy the cello he is trying. A teacher gives advice to one of his students who want to buy a good bow. A young concert player carefully evaluates the purchase of a violin to take with him on his first international tour: he observes it from all sides and then he proves it, leaving the one who has the chance to listen to it breathless with astonishment. From the adjacent pavilions come muffled sounds from other instruments.

And then there is the whole world of details, in a marvelous fascinating kaleidoscope of colors and shapes: pieces of freshly hewn wood waiting only for the luthier who transforms them into an instrument, tailors, souls, pegs and bridges, horse hair, pigments, strings, glues, chairs, platforms, end pin, chin rest, amplifiers, cases, scores, books, and magazines …



A perfect world where those who build musical instruments and accessories can not only promote their business but also better understand the needs of musicians. Musicians who can be looking for a new instrument, or who just want to take loving care of the instruments they already own, protecting them or equipping them with the best accessories available on the market.

A world where, on the occasion of the 2018 edition, 320 exhibitors from 30 different countries around the world and 16,158 operators and musicians from 55 countries met in the rich framework of 163 events, including concerts, seminars, master classes, presentations, and historical exhibitions.

But Cremona Musica Exhibitions and Festival is not only a paradise for violin makers and those playing a string instrument. Over the years, the fair has opened its doors to an increasing number of instruments, so that they can weave a profitable musical dialogue with the world of traditional Cremona violin-making. Piano Experience places the piano at the center of attention, through the precious partnership with the Associazione Italiana Accordatori e Riparatori di Pianoforte. The Acoustic Guitar Village opens up to the world of the acoustic, classical and modern guitar, picking up the legacy of the historic Acoustic Guitar Meeting of Sarzana. Cremona Winds  opens to wind instruments: clarinets, saxophones, flutes, and brass instruments. And to close, there’s the  Accordion Show, the space dedicated to the accordion.

Cremona Musica Exhibitions and Festival is therefore also a meeting point for musicians curious to discover instruments other than their own by visiting all the pavilions of the fair and participating in the events that are offering their collaboration, but it is also the time to reward, with the within the Cremona Musica Award, personalities and institutions from the musical world that have achieved excellence in their field. In 2018 they were awarded for the different categories Maxim Vengerov (performers – strings), Valery Gergiev  (conductors), Giya Kancheli  (composers), Alessandro Baricco  (media), Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival (project), Hermann Hauser III  (guitar luthier).

Finally, special attention is paid to the Media Lounge, which brings together, on the occasion of the Event, more than 30 journalists from the main international newspapers who meet in Cremona to write about the latest news in the sector.

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