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International Beauvais Cello Festival

In Beauvais, from 17th to 26th May 2019, the 27th edition of the International Beauvais Cello Festival. The Festival, like the previous ones, will not only propose meetings and concerts dedicated to cello, aimed at its passionate admirers but will also offer the cello the precious occasion to make its voice appreciated outside the concert halls. The music will be the protagonist of a peaceful invasion of the territory, and especially of the schools, to offer the young generations the opportunity to get to know the most beautiful Muse. This invasion will be very different from the many that the pretty town, seat of the Festival, has undergone over the centuries. The marvelous Gothic cathedral, famous for its 48-meter-high choir, has survived the fury of the many wars: the highest Gothic choir in the world, surrounded by high stained glass windows that give the visitor the illusion of being inside a kaleidoscope. The thousands of shades of color of the cathedral windows are found in the palette of precious threads used since 1664 to create marvelous tapestries, in the Manufacture of Beauvais, and in the pottery, masterpieces of Art Nouveau, born here, at the end of the nineteenth century. In a city where the attention to the nuances of light and color seems to be part of the inhabitants’ DNA, it is not surprising the interest in the cello, the instrument that better than any other offers a thousand different shades of sound, perfect for expressing all sorts of the emotion of the human soul.

The concerts of the International Beauvais Cello Festival will involve committed international musicians such as Jordi Savall and The Concert of Nations, Boris Andrianov and Pocket Symphony directed by Nicolas Simon, the Quintet by Daniel Mille, Emmanuelle Bertrand, the Trio Helios, the Modigliani Quartet …

But International Beauvais Cello Festival does not just mean concerts. The Association pour le Rayonnement du Violoncelle, which organizes the festival, also has among its objectives the dissemination of knowledge of the instrument and of music, and for this reason, organizes courses aimed at children and young people in schools. In this way, the children have the opportunity to get closer to the cello during the lessons, but above all, they have the opportunity to receive a loan tool, to take home with them. These courses are held in April and end with a show open to parents, relatives, friends and the public of the festival. To motivate children, even more, each year a “theme” work is proposed. In 2019 two different themes are proposed: the Fall of the Berlin Wall (with the famous participation of Rostropovich in the historical event) and the anniversary of man’s first steps on the Moon.

And to complete the picture of the Festival, there are finally conferences, among which in particular we recall the one proposed in the 2016 edition by Daniele Schön, cellist and neurobiologist, on “Music and celebratory plasticity“.

Artistic director of the Festival will be the French cellist Emmanuelle Bertrand. Diapason magazine, after having named her Artist of the Year in 2011, wrote her in 2015: «Le violoncelle français a sa muse, elle s’appelle Emmanuelle Bertrand». In 2017, the Académie des beaux-arts awarded her the prestigious Prix d’interprétation of the Simone and Cino Del Duca Foundation, which joins many other international awards and successes. The record production of the French cellist is already very rich, often protagonist of musical events that see her collaborating with the best musicians of the international scene in projects of considerable cultural importance.
Details on the program, the list of artists and the presentation of the concerts are available on the official Festival WEBSITE.

For more information:

Festival International de Violoncelle de Beauvais
Espace Pré Martinet
17 rue du Pré Martinet
60000 Beauvais
Téléphone : 03 44 22 46 04
Directrice Générale: Madame Anne Flamand
00 33 (0)3 44 22 46 04 – contact@festivaldevioloncelledebeauvais.com
Assistente: Madame Virna Fiocchi
00 33 (0)3 44 22 46 04 – secretariat@festivaldevioloncelledebeauvais.com