HAPPENED TODAY - On December 6, 1953, the composer Andrew Violette was born in New York

Leonid Gorokhov (2)

In the student-teacher relationship, a student learns more by listening to a theoretical explanation or by listening to the teacher who plays?
Both for sure, the delivery of information is crucial: one word out of focus, one bad demonstration = loss of hard-gained trust

Do you prefer to play alone, with other cellists, or with musicians who play other instruments?
I love all of the above, especially with friends and like-minded musicians.

And what are the musicians with whom you collaborated and collaborate more willingly?
Those I play with now and then ..)

What is the moment of your life as a cellist that you remember with more pleasure?
Streams of uncontrolled tears after hearing Shafran live in London in 1994 after a long break

Your latest CD has just been released. Which CDs have you recorded and which would you like to record?
Hopefully not too many to contribute to plastic garbage situation, really only ones I could not resist recording. The last one, just released, for exactly the same reason. With my very dear friend and a wonderful artist, Niklas Sivelöv.

Many of the musicians I interviewed see in the spread of musical culture a way to create peace among peoples. Do you also believe it is true?
I believe that to achieve that, we need an educated audience. People can only really understand the message when they can relate to the language. So, to a degree, true; the playing alone is not quite enough.

What are your musical projects for 2020?
Now most projects are suspended; the main one is to deliver enough to my students to make sure they feel inspired, looked after and never alone.

Thank you so much for your willingness to answer my questions. I hope that your “suspended” projects can be realized.


© Photo by Thorsten Scherz