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HAPPENED TODAY - On October 25, 1864, the composer Aleksandr Grechaninov was born in Moscow

MAMU – Magazzino Musica

Magazzino Musica is a large space in the city of Milan dedicated to listening to classical music and to its dissemination. It is also a sale point of instruments (mostly strings, even hand-made instruments), books and musical scores. It is a venue for formal and informal concerts and meetings for musicians and fans. Within this space, in 2017 was borne the Association MaMu Cultura Musicale, a non-profit-making private law body, created to develop the culture, diffusion and knowledge of classical music.
Magazzino Musica was founded in 2015 by Nicola Khitaratzis, a lutist and also a music expert not only for his professional experiences at two of the main music publishers in Milan (Ricordi and Carisch), but also as the creator of the “Carisch Orchestra”. With MaMu he gives a turning point to his profession, dedicating himself to the project of devising and giving shape to a place where is possible to meet and exchange musical experiences in his city, Milan. In 2016, joined him Laura Ferrari after twenty years of publishing experience and web company, where she was responsible, as a brand manager, for one of the most visited economics portal. Nicola coordinates the musical activity and the instrument sector. Laura directs the events, publishing and communication area.
Another collaborator was added to Nicola and Laura: from 2017, Silvia Bertolino follows the didactic and formative aspects. As a musician and a violinist, in particular she takes care of the activity of the amateur chamber group “MaMu Ensemble”. Outside of MaMu, Silvia is a tenured teacher in middle school for the violin class, as well as being an expert in music teaching.
MaMu is a warehouse divided into several sectors: a cafeteria, for reception and refreshment, supported by a half-tail 1909 Bechstein piano. In this space take place musical meetings, presentations and aperitifs in music. Then there is the real stock, with the scores on sale (also used), books about music, CDs, accessories. You cannot miss the instrument room: there live violins, violas, cellos, flutes and clarinets. After these, the laboratory of violinmaker Stefano Gibertoni, where master violin makers repair and build stringed instruments. Events hall: prominent musicians of the music scene entertain the public with concerts dedicated to the most important composers. Books and CDs are presented here, as well as chamber works or are celebrated the birthdays for the great composers with theme evenings.
Here are the upcoming events dedicated to the world of cello.
Sunday, October 21, 2018, at 19.30 the cellist Silvia Chiesa will present at MaMu her latest CD, published by Sony Classical. The CD, like the previous ones, is dedicated to the cello of the Italian ‘900 and in particular to the authors Mario Castelnuovo Tedesco, Gian Francesco Malipiero and Riccardo Malipiero.
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Sunday 2 December 2018, at 2 pm, an equally interesting meeting, even if of a more playful nature. The MaMu Cultura e Musica Association presents, during the day dedicated to cello, the first edition of “Cello Tenzone”: a real competition dedicated to cello ensembles. The purpose of this event is more than evident: to encourage and stimulate the harmony among cellists, even of different backgrounds and professional levels. There will be no exclusions: the match opens up to groups already close-knit and with proven experience, but also to new groups, born for this occasion. No limits in the repertoire, in the level of scholastic preparation or age. Only one exception to the total freedom of this confrontation: groups must be made up of at least three cellists. To the winners rich prizes: in the jury, among others, also Giovanni Sollima.
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