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Marc Moskovitz

The presentation of the book “Beethoven’s Cello: Five Revolutionary Sonatas and Their World” by Marc D. Moskovitz ed R. Larry Todd, it’s a great opportunity to meet an old friend and take a short interview.

I have been collaborating with Marc Moskovitz for a long time, because I share with him the passion for historical research in the musical field. In fact, like him, I believe that a good interpretation must always start from an in-depth knowledge of the historical context in which a musical composition has seen the light.

Today, however, we retrace another historical story, his history as a cellist. And Marc answers my questions with the sobriety and modesty that characterize him: a few simple and direct words.

When did you start to play the cello?  
Age 10

Why the cello and not another musical instrument? And Marc answers my questions with the sobriety and modesty that characterize him: a few simple and direct words.
My mother always wanted a cellist in the family (my father was a professional violinist and her father was a pianist)

Who was your first (and/or most important) cello teacher? 
Robert Marsh, who I studied with for two years, solidified my technique and was the first teacher who communicated how my left hand was supposed to work. Gary Hoffman, my next teacher, was an ideal in terms of what I wanted to “sound like” when I played.

Who is your favourite composer?
Hard to say but Beethoven is of course at the top of the list.

What is your favourite composition?
As a cellist, it must be the Dvorak cello concerto but there are many, depending on my mood…

What is the concert you remember with most pleasure?  
Some of my favorites most recently would be those with my cello quartet (always lots of fun). I have also played many memorable concerts with my chamber orchestra. Among the most memorable would have to be hearing Rostropovich play Dvorak and Szerying play the Beethoven Concerto

Do you prefer to play alone or with others? 

What are your musical projects for 2018?
To promote my new book (Beethoven’s Cello) and also chamber music…my next concerts include the Brahms F minor Piano Quintet (March) and his G minor Piano Quartet (April)