HAPPENED TODAY - On December 6, 1953, the composer Andrew Violette was born in New York

Martino Olivero (2)

If you have to do a concert in a primary school, to make her instrument known to children, what would you play?
I would look for short pieces with a simple structure, to keep the attention alive, such as the First Caprice of Dall’Abaco, and other classic pieces, such as times taken from Bach’s Suites. Then, it is always difficult to guess what compositions might or may not be liked: each child is an individual in himself, with his own tastes and attention span. Once, I happened to play the first movement of Hindemith’s sonata in front of a class, a very harsh piece like harmonies. I remember that I expected indifference, distraction and … the most complete mess by the children. Instead, they were all very careful and the piece was highly appreciated. I don’t know if it was a coincidence, but it led me to think that we could be more courageous with the repertoire choices for the younger audience. Obviously I don’t want to say that only Lutoslawski and Xenakis should be heard, but that perhaps the horizons of the climbers can be widened a little and hope, by the law of large numbers, that one out of twenty might be interested…

And if you had the opportunity to play as a soloist with a large orchestra, which concert would you choose?
One of Sostakovic’s concerts of course, but … I don’t know which one to choose between the two! I heard them both as a kid and they remained deeply impressed on me.

What cello do you play and what is your relationship with your instrument? Your cello is always ok for you or, sometimes, it does not respond to your requests?
My instrument is a Sante Allegri of 1978, a lutist who lived in Glorie, in the province of Ravenna. It is a direct and powerful voice instrument and it is very reliable, you don’t need too much effort to bring out a penetrating sound, but, at the same time, it doesn’t suffer if you want to go more towards the bridge to dig the sound.

What are your next projects and your dreams for the future?
For the moment I am engaged in the wheels of the newly graduated musician: I teach in some private school, I play with some orchestras and I try to build professionalism in this not easy environment (especially in these times of COVID). Even just being able to have a more stable life, and doing what I like for me at the moment are the main goals, and these days it will be even more difficult than normal.

And we hope that stability will come soon, in the life of all of us … thank you very much for your availability and good luck for your future!