HAPPENED TODAY - On October 27, 1782, the violinist and composer Niccolò Paganini was born in Genoa

Meena Karimi (2)

In your country, are there job opportunities for cellists?
It will be hard to say because we only have one music school in Afghanistan and, if you want to be a really good musician, you need to go to conservatories and build a really strong career for yourself. Here we don’t have such an opportunity. If you want to do something great, first you need to build yourself, take a deep knowledge, and do something great for the world and people who need you.

Would you like to organize a concert involving many other musicians?
If I were to organize a concert I know that all musicians would be really happy to attend and be part of that concert because they know that it will be a really good experience for them to learn from each other’s and build stronger communication with each other and with the audience.

You were accepted into the Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan, US. How did you know about the existence of this Academy and why do you want to attend it?
First of all, I am really happy and grateful that I have been accepted because this is a wonderful opportunity for me to get another step closer to realizing my dreams. My cello teacher has studied in this place and she told me about it. Then we searched and I really loved it because I really like studying and being with huge groups of people and experiencing and learning new things.

You have received a great scholarship, but I believe that you will have to face other expenses to make your dream come true. How do you plan to get the money you need?
I got a great scholarship but I need help with the rest of the lessons and to attend which is why I started a fundraiser on Gofoundme. To achieve my goal I need everyone’s help.

What is the situation of the covid-19 pandemic in your country right now? Could restrictions on international movements be an obstacle to your travel to the US?
The covid-19 here it’s okay but the political situation is getting harder every day…

What do you dream of doing when you have finished your studies in the United States? What are your musical dreams for the future?
When I finish all my studies in the United States, my friends and I have this dream: to make a music school in Bamyan one of the oldest provinces of Afghanistan. In the past, Bamyan was such a cultural place.  Here is the great Buddha who unfortunately was destroyed and many other monuments of the past also destroyed. With the creation of such a large and important center of musical culture, we want to show the new generation that we are strong and we can rebuild our world because everything is possible. And we should never give up.

Thank you for sharing your dreams with our readers, Meena. I wish you a future full of joy and satisfaction. May your dreams soon turn into reality!