HAPPENED TODAY - On October 27, 1782, the violinist and composer Niccolò Paganini was born in Genoa

Melih Selen (2)


What are your favorite cello composers and compositions?
Here are the main favorite composers and compositions of mine: Afredo Piatti, Capricci – Michail Evseevič Bukinik, Concert Etude no.4 – David Popper, Etudes & Works.

Do you prefer to play alone in small groups of musicians or with the orchestra?
I prefer to play the cello as a soloist with an orchestra.

Is the cello an instrument used in the traditional music of your country?
There are two different kinds of Turkish music. Turkish folk music and Turkish classical music Cello is not a usable instrument in folk music. But in classic music (last 30 years) it’s possible to use it.

When and why did you decide to enhance the traditional Ukrainian repertoire?
Actually, the reason for using Ukrainian traditional music is just the first step of the big project ‘Envoy of the music’. Other parts of this project will be about the music of Morocco, Italy, Mexico and so on. The goal of this project is a cultural dialog between Turkish music and other different world music. I wish we can do a great part of Italian traditional music too.

In your compositions, do you use elements and instruments typical of traditional music as sound materials?
I am using special Turkish music elements at some of my compositions. But, in general, I use classical music, jazz music and modern music elements as sound materials. I like to carry all these to the future by adding in each time new technics and new sounds to my music.

Your videos often invite the reader to stop and reflect on the meaning of life. Do you think this is the mission of a composer today?
Music sometimes describes the past sometimes future. But, I, mostly try to describe the current world and further. I believe that a composer can continue to exist in the future if he can think ahead of the age. A composer sometimes is a person like a mirror of society and also sometimes he is pure music as himself.

[to be continued]