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HAPPENED TODAY - On October 26, 1733, the violinist and composer Antonio Veracini died in Florence

Mr&Mrs Cello (2)

Do we list the prizes, awards and your participation in the competitions, at least the main ones?
Fulvia I don’t like to talk about the number of prizes, because the real prize in a musician’s career is not a certificate, but it is the experience within a Festival or Competition if this is positive. In any case, the year of the diploma (2004), I was the absolute winner of the Vittorio Veneto Prize and later also of the International Music Tournament 2004-2006 and of the AGIMUS Virtuosité competition in Padua. In addition, our duo received a special prize at the first First International Vienna Competition in 2019.
Massimiliano Participation in competitions has been a constant during the entire period of my studies; I think I have made almost forty of them starting from those close to my Conservatory, to finish at the largest and most prestigious international cello competitions. I received 33 prizes, but the most relevant ones were the special prize at the ‘Isang Yun’ Cello Competition in South Korea, the first prize in Liezen (Austria), the first prize at Arturo Bonucci (Italy) and the special prize at First International Vienna Competition. Beyond the acknowledgments, participation itself in the competition and the preparation of the immense programs required, remain among the most formative experiences ever.

What were your most significant professional commitments, even with chamber groups or orchestras?
Fulvia One of the most beautiful experiences of my life took place within Maestro Muti’s Cherubini Orchestra: his teachings, mixed at my young age, significantly shaped my musical attitude. As far as other orchestras are concerned, my role as first-cello in Pierre Amoyal’s Camerata Lausanne was significant, when it still existed. We had beautiful tours and concerts in large halls, as in the Moscow International House in 2013 and, as the first cello, it was a great opportunity. Later. participations in other tours in Korea and Germany have come under the guidance of Daniel Hope with other orchestras. As a soloist, the memory of the concert in the Sapporo Hall of Hokkaido with Massimiliano, of the performance of the Gulda Concert in Winterthur, and of many other beautiful chamber music concerts, of which I have lost count, is wonderful. But none of this could really belong to me like the “Mr & Mrs Cello” project, a duo created with my husband in 2017.
Massimiliano Certainly the three-year collaboration with Maestro Muti as the first cello in the Cherubini is among the most significant commitments. The Maestro gave me the opportunity to perform William Tell’s solo ten times on a European tour. Then the assignments in Zurich and Verona followed. As a soloist, the first of Shostakovich performed in Basel and the triple concert of Penderecki in Ravenna, a concert conducted by the same author. For chamber music, I can say that I played with many beautiful musicians who inspired me; it would be difficult to name them all, but the most authentic project is that of “Mr & Mrs Cello”, with my wife.

What is your activity as a teacher? How much does this activity contribute to your artistic and professional development?
Fulvia Being a teacher is a status that is necessarily acquired during the musical journey of an artist, if this artist is authentic, has devoted his life to the study, and has become aware of how he has acquired these skills and is able to transmit them, explain them verbally, show them, identify problems and activate a strategy to solve them. It is not an easy job as someone believes, because one enters a boy’s life path (Masterclass aside) and if one is aware of the meaning of one’s passage in the life of these people, much can be done. I could not live without teaching, because I love helping people, supporting them and using a lot of life metaphors to solve instrumental problems. Therefore, in addition to my teaching activity in the canton of Zurich, I became a teacher of the Iclassicalacademy foundation, which distributes online tutorials all over the world. I am happy to have integrated my musical and instrumental knowledge with knowledge that comes from the discipline of yoga and NLP and to be able to help people who have no reference points.

[to be continued]