HAPPENED TODAY - On August 2, 1945, the composer Pietro Mascagni died in Rome

In the world Cremona is known for different reasons, but certainly, more than anything else, as the home of violin making. It is in Cremona that the most important violin makers in history have given life, in their shops, to instruments that have entered the legend: Antonio Stradivari, Nicola Amati, Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù. The city has preserved this heritage over the centuries, transforming it into an unrepeatable tradition that lives only here, and every year Cremona Mondomusica becomes a showcase of this wealth, attracting enthusiasts and professionals from all over the world.
Here are the indications and data for this year’s event: Cremona Music International Exhibitions and Festival opens on September 28th and closes on September 30th. It represents the most important international event in Italy dedicated to violin making, musical instruments, accessories, musical editions and more. Approximately 300 exhibitors from 30 countries are expected in approximately 30,000 square meters of music. Concerts, seminars, master classes and exhibitions will be presented for around 180 events involving about 400 artists. 17,000 visitors and more from over 50 countries are expected.
Cremona Mondomusica was born as an exhibition event dedicated to high quality violin making, but over time, it has enriched its book of proposals. In fact, since 2011 Piano Experience has been added: a salon dedicated to piano and keyboards. Since 2016 the event has been enriched by the Acoustic Guitar Village which has met with great success by audiences and has opened the fair to a wider spectrum of fans.
In 2015 Cremona Winds was born, a showcase for wind instruments, for producers and distributors. Since 2018 the Accordion Show has been part of the instrument family. But besides all this the festiva is international. Alongside the usual showcase for the exhibitors, various forms of entertainment have opened up, giving life to a real festival: the events are characterized by the presence of musicians of international standing and by the winners of the main competitions . Among the stringed instruments some of the most famous musicians will perform in concerts and give master classes in order to bring more and more fans together.
Great attention is also fgivento piano concerts: in the rooms of the Piano Experience they will give life to the Piano Festival. The sponsors of these events are the brands of the most important pianos. All three days of the festival will see concerts in the Acoustic Guitar Village: we remember three very popular contests like New Sound of Acoustic Music, the Italian Bluegrass Meeting and finally the review “Corde e voci d’autore”. Masterclasses dedicated to violin making will be held by the masters Bryan Galloup and Charles Fox. As for the acoustic guitar, the teachers will be Clive Carroll, John Jorgenson and Micki Piperno.
Cremona Winds: the events of this sector will be numerous, but, in particular, we highlight the presence of national and international band groups.
This is the list of musicians who will perform in concerts and hold master classes: Adriana Ferreira, first flute of the National Orchestra of Santa Cecilia; Jean Claude Jerard, first flute of the Concert Lamoureux Orchestra; Francesco Loi, first flute of the Teatro Carlo Felice of Genoa; Raffaele Trevisan, internationally renowned solo flautist.
AS in all the music kermesses great attention will be paid to the school and the teaching of this discipline: therefore the National Day of SMIM (Middle Schools with Musical Address). This will be an event dedicated to teachers and students, full of seminars dedicated to teaching.
Now the technological innovation has literally invaded music and its realization: obviously Cremona Mondomusica devotes great attention to this sector, presenting the technological innovations in the Digital Space by Pier Calderan. Here too, concerts and shows have become multimedia, where music and technology are integrated to realize the art of the future.
Every year, in the context of Mondomusica, the Cremona Musica Award is awarded. These are the winners of the very prestigious awards for the 2018 edition: Valery Gergiev (Execution category – orchestra direction), Maxim Vengerov (Execution category – strings), Giya Kancheli (Composition category), Hermann Hauser III (Violinmaking category), Alessandro Baricco (Communication category) and the Kuhomo Chamber Festival (Project category).