HAPPENED TODAY - On January 24, 1901, the violinist and composer Eugène Sauzay died in Paris

“Her father handed her the instrument and by instinct, Elodie began to caress it. Her hands moved across the edges and every curve, just as she had done with her first cello years before. Almost immediately, she could tell the proportion of this particular cello was slightly different. The bottom part swelled slightly, thus creating a more voluptuous shape… her fingers now moved with confidence, a nimble precision as they danced up and down the strings. Her bow alternated from long, ribbonlike strokes to gentle caresses”

In 1943 Verona, a girl is patiently and tenaciously building her future as a musician when war enters her life forcefully, upsetting her dreams and plans. Little by little, everything that constitutes the normalcy of her daily life is overwhelmed, and Elodie finds herself at the crossroads between adapting to the new situation in which she finds herself catapulted or endangering her life to try to save dreams of an entire generation of kids like her.

Against a background of carefully reconstructed historical events, in a world where the most senseless violence seems to take over, the author gives shape to characters of great humanity, capable of supporting each other up to renounce themselves, while not to stop dreaming.

A beautiful novel that tells the story of an entire generation of Italian kids, forced to grow up quickly. A novel to read in one breath on a summer day.

Alyson Richman, an American, born in Long Island, New York is particularly linked to Italy. To write this novel, she made use of the collaboration of Vivienne Courteney, a cello student, and other musician friends. Among his novels, we mention in particular also The rhythm of memory.


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Der italienische Garten: Roman
(Norbert Möllemann)
Random Germania; Deutsche Erstausgabe edizione (February 1, 2016)
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