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“Chopin and Franchomme’s collaboration and sincere friendship rested on a double understanding: they were linked both by a communion of feeling, so precious to the Polish exile in the Paris mondain of the time, and an artistic symbiosis that fed both on an affinity in the mastery of their instrument, and on the sharing of such basis music values as authenticity, simplicity, elegance, and nobility of expression”

With these words, Edoardo Torbianelli briefly expresses the reasons that give meaning to the choice of bringing together compositions by Chopin and Franchomme in a single CD. The affinity between the compositions of the two friends clearly emerges not only in the expressive language, but also in the choice of expressing, through a different voice, but with the same expressive intensity, the same rich range of emotions. Emotions expressed in a simple, linear, elegant, and immediate way. A simplicity which, moreover, is not banality, but sobriety, and above all the ability to resist the temptation to make an empty display of technical acrobatics. Franchomme, in particular, also in the variations on opera arias, the musical genre that at the time most gave the performers the opportunity to show off, while demonstrating their technical ability, always placed this ability at the service of singing and expressiveness.

The compositions proposed by the CD trace a path for the listener that allows grasping in an exemplary way the characteristics of the two composers, in order to fully understand how much the Chopin Sonata in G minor op.65, dedicated to Franchomme, can be considered the synthesis of the musical vision of two great souls.

Certainly, Edoardo Torbianelli and Fernando Caida-Greco are a couple of interpreters particularly suited to propose a refined path of this type. Theirs, in fact, is not an occasional collaboration, but a long shared artistic journey. A path that originates from the years of formation and that has led to perfect interpretative harmony. The attention to the performance practice of the time and the choice of proposing romantic compositions with period instruments (in this case a Pleyel 1842 piano and a C.A. Miremont 1880 cello with gut strings and played, without tip, with a headband F.N. Voirin 1870).

In the CD booklet (the cover is beautiful!), The detailed analysis of the relationship between the compositions of the two composers and information on the Foundation Royaumont and the Association La Nouvelle Athénes, which have contributed to making this CD unique, is very interesting.


Auguste-Joseph Franchomme
Nocturne Op.14 n.3 in E♭ major

Frédéric Chopin
Polonaise Op.26 n.1 in C# minor
Nocturne Op.48 n.2 in F# minor
Mazurka Op.30 n.2 in B minor

Auguste-Joseph Franchomme
Nocturne Op.14 n.1 in F minor
Capriccio on a theme from “Il Pirata di Bellini” in A minor

Frédéric Chopin
Sonata in G minor Op.65 for cello and piano
(Allegro Moderato – Scherzo – Largo – Finale)

Fernando Caida-Greco – Cello
Edoardo Tobianelli – Piano

Publication date: November 20, 2020
Label: Paraty
Catalog No: PTY150101

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