HAPPENED TODAY - On September 20, 1880, the composer Ildebrando Pizzetti was born in Parma


On September 28th, the XIV Edition of the Festival Violoncellistico Internazionale Alfredo Piatti was presented. The Festival, as usual, will take place on Sundays in November, in Bergamo, in Sala Piatti.

Thanks to the very high level of performers and the refinement of the proposed programs, the Festival is now considered a point of reference by cellists from all over the world. Alfredo Piatti, in fact, despite being a composer not particularly well known even to those who habitually attend concerts, is an undisputed ideal reference point for cellists, as is Paganini for violinists.

His 12 Capricci op.25 are universally considered the final stage in the course of studies, not only for their extreme technical difficulty but also for the genius of the composition invention. In addition to Capricci, Piatti also composed 2 Concerts and a Concertino for cello and orchestra, 6 Sonatas, fascinating variations on opera themes, delightful short pieces for cello and piano and also a vast series of compositions for voice, cello and piano, on texts in Italian, English, French and German. All compositions of which, over the years, thanks to the Festival, cellists and the public have discovered beauty.

Participating in the Festival and performing in public, in some cases for the first time, the compositions by Alfredo Piatti, for younger performers, is a very sought-after goal, because it often paves the way for a prestigious international career. But even for the great performers, participating in the Festival is a moment of great satisfaction, because the perfect acoustics of the Sala Piatti offers them the opportunity to express their artistic personality to the fullest.

The performance of Alfredo Piatti’s compositions almost always requires the performer to have a great mastery of the instrument, but also great artistic maturity. For this reason, the interpreters called on the Sala Piatti stage must always be of the highest level, not only technical.

The performers selected for the 2019 Edition by the artistic director of the Festival, cellist Andrea Bergamelli, will be Adrian Bradbury e Oliver Davies  (3/11), Mr & Mrs Cello (10/11),  Giovanni Sollima  (17/11), Luciano Tarantino  (24/11).

The detailed programs of the individual concerts were presented during the press conference followed by a short concert with free admission by the young cellist Eleonora Testa, accompanied on the piano by Eugenia Tamburri. All cellists participating in the Festival have been asked, as always, to include at least one of Alfredo Piatti’s compositions in the program, possibly combining them with cello compositions belonging to the lesser-known repertoire, of authors from all over the world and from every era.

The starting time of the concerts was confirmed, as in the previous edition, at 4.15 pm, because it was verified that this time slot, in addition to favoring the participation in concerts of elderly and families with children, is particularly appreciated by foreigners who take the occasion of the concert to spend a weekend in Bergamo.

The price of the admission ticket to the concerts was also maintained this year at € 10 (subscription to the 5 concerts: € 40 – subscription to the 5 concerts for adult + boy under 21 years: € 50).

To book tickets, send an email to annalisa@mycello.it