HAPPENED TODAY - On January 24, 1901, the violinist and composer Eugène Sauzay died in Paris


From 29 August to 5 September 2021, the Associazione Musicale “Francesco Venezze” presents the eighth edition of the Festival Rovigo Cello City, a festival that, year after year, has involved an ever wider audience, with always original artistic proposals and always of the highest level.

The Rovigo Cello City Festival has its roots in the prestigious cellist school of maestro Luca Simoncini, a great interpreter and charismatic teacher at the Conservatorio Francesco Venezze in Rovigo, but which has grown thanks to the passion of a local community that not only seems to particularly appreciate the warm voice and expressive of the cello but which is also ready to get involved and rightly proud of being able to organize an event of international level.

Ideato da Luigi Puxeddu, un allievo di Simoncini, e da lui gestito con passione e grande tenacia, il Festival Rovigo Cello City negli anni ha avuto l’opportunità di presentare al pubblico grandi interpreti di fama internazionale (come Sollima, Dindo, Coin, Brunello, Dillon…). Dopo una breve parentesi sotto la guida di un altro allievo di Simoncini, Vittorio Piombo, è ora affidato a Giovanni Gnocchi,  cremonese di nascita, ma rodigino di formazione e ora apprezzatissimo docente del Mozarteum  di Salisburgo.

Conceived by Luigi Puxeddu, a student of Simoncini, and managed by him with passion and great tenacity, over the years the Festival Rovigo Cello City has had the opportunity to present to the public great internationally renowned performers (such as Sollima, Dindo, Coin, Brunello, Dillon …). After a brief interlude under the guidance of another Simoncini pupil, Vittorio Piombo, he is now entrusted to Giovanni Gnocchi, born in Cremona, but trained in Rovigo and now a highly regarded teacher at the Mozarteum in Salzburg.

The theme of Rovigo Cello City this year”, says Giovanni Gnocchi, will be “New Horizons”: from a new experience which for me is the artistic direction, a Festival was born that wants to reach out towards the future and build bridges, open looks and start new adventures.”

And certainly, at Rovigo Cello City 2021, there will be all the elements necessary for what the artistic director defines as “a fertile cultural contamination, a cross between generations, nationalities, backgrounds, and experiences, with a lot of attention to the greatest diversity, formative, ethnic and type”

Alongside the great classics and the great repertoire, there will in fact be composers of the twentieth century (Britten, Dutilleux, Berio) and the most brilliant living composers György Kurtág, Sofia Gubaidulina, Lera Auerbach, Kaija Saariaho). But there will also be space for the celebration of Astor Piazzolla on the centenary of his birth. And after widening its gaze to the distant world, the Rovigo festival will not forget its roots: that lively cello school of the Venezze Conservatory, proud to highlight students who are still studying, but who already constitute national excellence. And the Masterclasses that will take place from 27 August to 5 September are intended for young people in training.

A multifaceted and extremely rich festival that offers an unmissable opportunity for enrichment, meeting, and exchange. A full calendar of concerts and events not to be missed, to rediscover the joy of live music together.

At this LINK you can download the illustrative booklet of Rovigo Cello City where, in addition to the details relating to individual events, you can find the rules for accessing the events (Reservation and Green Pass required) and useful contacts for any further information.

This is instead the link to the official SITE of the 2021 edition of Rovigo Cello City.