HAPPENED TODAY - On January 24, 1901, the violinist and composer Eugène Sauzay died in Paris

In the current year 2021, will be the fourth edition of the Loiacono Prize, a humanistic prize to commemorate the figure of the cellist Saverio Loiacono. This edition will be dedicated to the cello ensemble competition.
The Loiacono family, in collaboration with the Con.Fusione Association, intends to reward, through the judgment of a technical-scientific commission, those cellists deemed worthy of winning the competition and offering a cash prize of 600 Euros with the aim of “promoting and encouraging humanistic and scientific culture in the field of music”:
The competition is dedicated to the memory of the cellist Saverio Loiacono, who died in 2005, a talented musician and extimated teacher and will give the winners, in addition to the cash prize, the opportunity to realized a public concert and to publish the work in digital format. On the website www.premioloiacono.wordpress.com all the information regarding the Competition.
The edition of this 2021, unlike the previous ones, the competition is no longer dedicated to individual musicians but to cellos ensembles made up of two, three or four elements, with no age limit and educational qualification.
Considering the need to fulfill the obligations and restrictions due to to the Coronavirus pandemic (Sars-cov-2), the selection of the Loiacono 2021 Award will take place entirely online. Otherwise, the concert-prize will take place in person, while respecting the rules on the conduct of live performances in force at the time of the concert date, when they allow it.
All chamber music projects by cellos ensembles of the classes of Music Conservatories, Music High Schools and Middle Schools with a musical focus are invited to register, evaluated for the important popular significance of music and the cello in Italian schools.
In the ensembles that will participate in the Competition, the relative preparatory teacher-cellists can also participate.
The prize concert will be held in the wonderful setting of Polignano a Mare, in Puglia, between June and September 2021 and will be organized by the Con.Fusione association.
Furthermore, the artistic director, evaluating with interest the executive level of the ensemble, reserves the right to invite the winners to hold one or more concerts at other Italian artistic and cultural institutions.
In the concert prize a program will be performed in agreement with the artistic director of the Loiacono Prize: it must necessarily include an unpublished original composition or an unpublished transcription for a duo, trio or quartet of cellos with a minimum duration of 8 minutes.
The participating ensembles will be judged by a technical-scientific commission whose members will be indicated on the Prize website after the deadline of the announcement and will be composed of well-known musicians and musicologists and will have the artistic director of the Prize as president.
The commission reserves the right not to assign the Prize in the event of an inadequate artistic level of the participants; it also reserves the right to assign the ex-aequo prize in the event of the presence of two particularly deserving groups by dividing the sum in money proportionally.
Candidates must send an informal and non-binding pre-registration by 31/01/2021 to the email premioloiacono@gmail.com indicating the names of the candidates and the curricula. Subsequently, candidates must send two video links uploaded to their YouTube channel no later than 03/31/2021 to the address: premioloiacono@gmail.com.
The videos must be shot with a fixed frame and without sound post-production editing, under penalty of exclusion from participating in this announcement.
In the videos sent in this way, there will be two pieces for cellist ensemble, consisting of two, three or four cellos.
The first piece will be freely chosen, for two, three or four cellos and of a maximum of 10 minutes. It will be particularly appreciated if belonging to the repertoire of important authors and dedicated to cellist ensembles, original or in transcription (Popper, Dotzauer, Offenbach etc.).
The second piece will be an unpublished original composition or an unpublished transcription for duo, trio or quartet of cellos with a minimum of 8 minutes: this must be unpublished at the time of the deadline of the call and must also be sent in pdf format. This will be considered in a particular way and with merit if written and composed by one of the members of the participating ensemble or by the preparatory teacher and must also be accompanied by a short written introduction that outlines the main features. Particularly original and innovative ideas will be appreciated on the formal choice, timbre refinement, stylistic variety, didactic purposes.
Signing up:
To compete for the Loiacono Prize, is not required a registration fee: furthermore, ensembles of cellists of all nations and of all ages can participate.
Participants will send the links to the videos and the composition in pdf format by e-mail to premioloiacono@gmail.com ., Deadline March 31, 2021. The curriculum vitae will also be present in the e-mail, written in detail, and also expressing the humanistic, scientific and popular motivations of the candidates.
The competition registration e-mail must contain all the personal data of the members of the ensemble. Obviously, these data will be treated according to the rules governing privacy. A letter of introduction from the candidates is also required, written by one or more renowned artists, professors or musicians, in order to integrate the CV of the competitors.
Contacts: all the info are available on the official website https://premioloiacono.wordpress.com/ .