HAPPENED TODAY - On August 1, 1973, the composer Gian Francesco Malipiero died in Treviso

CellosMagics is an annual festival taking place in Spain, in Siguenza, and this year it will take place from 22 July to 28 July. Dedicated to cello and cellists, it provides lectures and workshops and ends with some concerts. As in previous editions, it offers young cellists the opportunity to improve their technique and their interpretative awareness by learning from teachers coming from all over the world. All this also through thematic workshop that will address the Bach Suites, Popper’s studies, improvisation and a particular experience called Girokinesis®. It consists of our planned routes, proposed for students of different ages. However, this is only a suggestion, because students can register for the course they prefer, regardless of their age.

MAGIC: recommended age from 13 years
The children, following the thread of magic, will have the opportunity to follow three individual lessons with teachers chosen among J. Enrique Bouché, Manuel Santapau, Sergi Boadella, Pietro Serafin or György Déri. They can also take part in the various specialized workshops offered by CellosMagics and experience ensemble music with the Orchestra for cello and / or in different chamber groups.

MAGIC MAESTRO: recommended age from 13 years
Students who will follow the MAGIA course, and who wish it, will have the opportunity to participate in the specialization courses with the special guest teacher Chu Yi-Bin.

JUNIOR: recommended age between 8 and 12 years
Students will have the opportunity to follow the individual lessons with professors Núria González, Alberto Muñoz and Lydia Asensi, to take part in the different musical games organized by the teachers and to have experience of ensemble music with different chamber groups.

JUNIOR MAESTRO: recommended age between 8 and 12 years
The students who will follow the JUNIOR course will have the opportunity to participate in the specialization courses with the special guest teacher Chu Yi-Bin or with any other teacher of the course.

This is the body of teachers:

• José E. Bouché (Spain) Artistic Director CPM “A. Salazar “, Madrid
• Manuel Santapau (Spain) CPM artistic director “Mestre Vert”, Carcaixent (Valencia)
• Sergi Boadella (China) Freelancer
• Pietro Serafin (Italy) “G. Tartini “, Trieste
• György Déri (Hungary) F. Liszt and B. Bartok Academy, Budapest
• Chu Yi-Bing (China) Central Music Conservatory, Beijing
• Pianist of Francesc Estellés (Spain) CSM of Valencia


• Nuria González (Spain)
• Lydia Asensi (Spain)
• Alberto Muñoz (Spain)


There is an imbalance between the knowledge of the cello technique and the care of the body. The lack of communication between mind, body and instrument hinders interpretative learning and sometimes causes imbalances in the musculoskeletal system (even real injuries). If we have a clear body and a clear mind, this will encourage the development and daily practice of the cello.
To play the cello it is necessary to set in motion a complex coordinated mechanism of mind and body. Each part of the body develops its function (fingers, arms, elbows, shoulders, spine, organs) and all parts are hierarchically related.
Teachers: María Juliá – Isabel Juliá

Workshop dedicated to the study in depth of the Bach cello Suites only. The style, form and interpretation of these scores will be analyzed theoretically and practically by an expert and scholar of this author: Sergi Boadella.
Teacher: Sergi Boadella

This workshop starts from the analysis of the students’ shortcomings, especially in their technique, promoting those exercises that allow improvement and progress in the domain of the cello.
It is a workshop based on the studies of David Popper and based on daily technical work. It also offers the most musical and inspiring part of Popper, analyzed and interpreted by the teacher Déri.
Teacher: György Déri

This workshop wants to show the fundamental characteristics of the language, as well as the necessary technical resources, for the interpretation of flamenco with the cello.
Teacher: Jose Luis López


22nd July, 7.30pm
Opening concert: “Nou Arcs” cello ensemble

24th July, 19.30
Concert of the winners of the competition

July 26th, 7.30pm
Bach concert

27 July, 19.30
Concert of teachers

July 28th 7.30pm
Closing concert: concert for students and ensemble of cellos

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