HAPPENED TODAY - On October 26, 1789, the violinist and composer Joseph Mayseder was born in Vienna


On December 31, 1818, the cellist and composer Jean-Pierre Duport died in Paris. MyCello remembers him proposing a music video and the score of his Cello Sonata, Op.1 n.1.



On November 27, 1741, the composer and cellist Jean-Pierre Duport was born in Paris. MyCello remembers him proposing a music video and the score of the third of his Six sonates pour le violoncell et basse, op. 3.


The cello as a solo instrument in 18th century France.

In his graduation thesis discussed at the University of Canterbury (New Zealand), Francis Anthony Yapp, studies the progressive affirmation of the cello as a solo instrument in mid-eighteenth-century France. The authors who are particularly considered are Jean Barrière (1707-47), François Martin (c.1727-c.1757), Jean-Baptiste Masse (c.1700-1757), and Martin Berteau (1708 / 9-1771), cellists composers, protagonists of the Concert Spirituel. All very interesting authors, overshadowed by the great publishing success of the cellists composers of the next generation, considered today the fathers of the French school of violoncellism: Jean-Pierre Duport (1741-1818) and Jean-Louis Duport (1749-1819), Jean- Baptiste-Aimé Janson (1742-1823), Louis-Auguste-Joseph Janson (1749-1815) and Jean-Baptiste Bréval (1753-1823).

The careful study of Yapp aims mainly to reconstruct the biographies of the authors of the period studied, within the historical context and to analyze the style of the compositions of the authors studied. An accurate and interesting study, available on line we advise you to read it while you are listening to the 6 Sonatas for Cello and bc by Jean Barrière