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The SOL DIESIS clinic, active since 2004 within the IRCCS “S. Maria Nascente “in Milan, is dedicated to the prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal and neurological pathologies of professional and amateur musicians in training.

The collection of a musical anamnesis and above all a careful observation of the musician during his/her practice allow the identification of the needs and the problems related to the use of the instrument in order to propose personalized:

The clinic avails itself of the advice of the Kinematic Analysis Laboratory of the CITT (Innovation and Technology Transfer Center) of the Don Gnocchi Foundation.

The IRCCS” S. Maria Nascente “in Milan of the Don Gnocchi Foundation provides care, health care and scientific research both under the accreditation system with the National Health Service, and in private, applying reduced rates. The rehabilitation model includes multidisciplinary interventions, with the involvement of various specialists who work on the basis of a personalized plan, to guarantee each patient a 360 degree coverage.

The team, composed of doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists with specific skills in relation to musculoskeletal and neurological diseases afflicting professional musicians, uses modern rehabilitative and instrumental techniques. They guarantee global user management, from diagnosis, to therapy, to subsequent controls with the final goal of helping the musician to assume a correct posture, also by introducing, if necessary, ergonomic aids that facilitate the postural improvement.

The SOL DIESIS clinic proposes: the specific rehabilitation programs for each professional pathology and type of instrument, such as: specialized visits, physiatric specialization for musicians’ professional pathologies – global postural re-education – analysis of the technical gesture with the musical instrument – Feldenkrais method. introduction or modification of ergonomic aids and the packaging of functional splints.

The SOL DIESIS clinic collaborates with the Botulinum Toxin Surgery dedicated to the treatment of movement disorders, for example the focal distention of the musician (also known as the “cramp of the musician”). The clinical activities of the kinematic analysis laboratory of the upper limb are performed by the Locomotor Function Analysis Service – SAFLO Evaluation Assistive Service – SIVA. SIVA is a network of services specialized in consulting and personalized assessments on autonomy aids.

How to reach the clinic.

The SOL DIESIS clinic is located in Milan, at the IRCCS “S. Maria Nascente “, in via Capecelatro 66, near the S. Siro stadium. It is reachable by car. From Tang. West: San Siro exit-direction via Novara. FromTang. West: exit Cusago-direction Bisceglie MM1 By public transportation MM5 (lilac) San Siro stop Hippodrome l MM1 (red) stop Lotto + line 49 or line 98.


Doctor in charge: dr.ssa Rosa Maria Converti

For information and reservations:

CUP: tel 02 /

Fax: 02