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Cello cases and bags

In nature everything is protected by a shell. Industrial and artisanal products are protected by cases or bags too. It’s reasonable therefore to protect your cello with a suitable case. There are lots of offers on the market and the choice is not so simple: quality comes with a price but it’s not always true that the more you spend the better product you get. It’s possible to buy good cases at interesting prices. We’re referring mainly to online purchases: intuition and quickness will help you make the right choice. Before choosing we have to consider some aspects: the characteristics and the value of the cello, the kind of travels and the means of transport, the money we’re willing to spend and the aesthetic qualities of the case in order to satisfy your character and style.

Here’s a short list of the different kinds of cello cases with their prices.
1 Material bag. Approximate cost 50 Euro
2 Padded bag. Approximate cost 55 Euro
3 Soft bag. Approximate cost 80 Euro
4 Semi rigid case. Approximate cost 160 Euro
5 Polycarbonate case. Approximate cost 380 Euro
6 Fibreglass case. Approximate cost 390 Euro
7 Durable fibreglass case Approximate cost 420 Euro
8 ABS case. Approximate cost 470 Euro
9 Carbon case. Approximate cost 640 Euro
10 Thermoplastic resin case. Approximate cost 870 Euro

Cases according to the characteristics of materials and their make-up.

Let’s examine in detail each kind of case: we’ll consider materials and their characteristics. The aim is to point out the quality/price relationship.

1 Material bag. The approximate cost is 50 Euro. It’s the typical bag for cello students.It should be used only for carrying the cello- which is not too valuable, in this case- on short trips, by bus or by car. The material is nylon or other waterproof material. It protects the cello only partially from accidental hits. It has got a handle and strong straps.
2 Padded bag. Approximate cost 55/60 Euro.This cheap model supplies lightness, protection from rain and some protection from hits. Suitable for students.
3 Soft bag. This model is halfway between the above models and the hard ones. Protection from hits is increased but at the same time it is light and practical.. Approximate cost 80/90 Euro
4 Semi rigid case. Approximate cost 160 Euro. From this model on, protection and resistance to hits are high.The body is made up of light polyethylene foam, it’s semi rigid but light. The weight is about 37 kg.
5 Polycarbonate case. Approximate cost 380 Euro. This case is characterized by high resistance to heat and hits and by hardness and tenacity.
6 Fibreglass case. Approximate cost 390 Euro. Another hard case characterized by superior qualities from the physical, mechanical , chemical and aesthetic point of view.
7 Durable fibreglass case. Approximate cost 420 Euro. This material is often reinforced by carbon fiber or Kevlar. It is light, durable and corrosion-resistant.
8 ABS case. Approximate cost 470 Euro. ABS is a thermo polymer.
9 Carbon case. Approximate cost 640 Euro. A very professional case, it’s suitable for flying and for valuable cellos. Carbon fiber is a composite material, made up of two or more materials. It has high mechanic resistance, low density, heat insulation, resistance to temperature change and chemical agents. It is fire retardant and it has high chemical inertness towards water solutions. This material is also used to make musical instruments.
10 Thermoplastic resin case. Approximate cost 870 Euro. Thermoplastic resin has a medium strength. The cost of the material is not among the highest but it is highly resistant to abrasion, stresscracking, sodium chloride solutions, alkali and acid.

Trademarks and distributors
There are many manufacturers of cases and many companies that sell them in different countries. You can find shops everywhere but now there are plenty of websites with online catalogues.
Here’s a list of some manufacturers: Bam, Artonus, Gewa, Hima, Riboni, Roling’s, Staff, Artino, Musilia, Roth & Junius, NS Designer, Karl Hoffner,Jakob Winter,etc. In Italy the main distributors are Thomann, Musiclandia, Gear4Music, etc.

How to purchase your cello case.

There are different ways of buying your case though a musical instrument shop is the most recommended one. You can see your case directly and evaluate it, the shop owner can offer you all the guarantees and information you may need, and the price will vary accordingly. You can also find lots of offers on the web too. Manufacturers exhibit the best of their production online usually with interesting prices.Also distributors and shops have their own websites: with a careful research and some luck you can make a bargain. Inn this case, though , it’s important to know the characteristics of the different materials and building technologies. Last but not least, there is a flourishing second-hand market, and here too the best shop window is the web. But pay attention to the seller, price and conservation status.