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HAPPENED TODAY - On April 21, 1951, the cellist and composer Aleksandr Krein died in Moscow

Concorso Premio Loiacono 2020: “A cellist composer”

Polignano a Mare

“The formula of the Premio Loiacono 2020 has no equal: we are looking for a new Boccherini, we want to reward creativity, we are willing to believe that the world of the cello goes beyond the virtuosity of the fingers and is full of musicians who think and create music for their instrument “.

In this 2020, will be held the third edition of the Premio Loiacono, a humanistic prize in memory of the cellist Saverio Loiacono. The title of this edition will be “A cellist composer” and, as for the previous ones, Maestro Gaetano Simone will be the Artistic Director of the competition.

The Loiacono family, in collaboration with the cultural association Con-Fusione of Polignano a Mare (Bari), the Fondazione Cominelli of San Felice del Benaco (Brescia) and the Centro Studi Turolla-Tardieu, offer a sum of money to be allocated to he or she who will be awarded as a winner by the technical-scientific commission, according to the principles set out in the competition rules, aimed at promoting humanistic and scientific culture in the field of music.

As mentioned, the Concorso Premio Loiacono is dedicated to the memory of the eminent teacher and cellist Saverio Loiacono, who died in 2005, and sees the awarding of a prize, in the form of a scholarship in money of 600 euros, but also the opportunity to perform in two concerts and the publication in digital format of the essay on the competition website.

The concerts will be held by the end of 2020 and will be organized in Polignano a Mare, Puglia, by the association Con-Fusione, and in San Felice del Benaco, on Lake Garda, by the Fondazione Cominelli. For prize concerts, accommodation is provided for one person in the location of the concerts and a partial refund for travel expenses. The scholarship cash prize will be delivered by bank transfer or check, after the two concerts, directly by a member of Maestro Loiacono’s family.

These are the requirements for participation: candidates must send two video links, uploaded on their YouTube channel, by and no later than April 30, 2020, to the following address: premioloiacono@gmail.com.

The videos must be taken from a fixed frame and without post-production sound editing, under penalty of exclusion from participation in this announcement.

They must also contain the registration of this program:

• J.S.Bach, Suite III for solo cello, Preludio, Sarabanda and Giga.

• An original composition for cello solo, written by the candidate, lasting at least 8 minutes and performed by the same candidate.

The original composition must preferably be unpublished at the time of the expiry of the call, it must also be sent in pdf format and accompanied by a short text which outlines the main features of the composition. Obviously, particularly original and innovative ideas on formal choice, on timbre refinement and on stylistic variety will be particularly appreciated.

As it is not a music competition, no registration fee is required. Furthermore, participation is without limits of age and citizenship. The links to the videos and the composition in pdf format must be sent by e-mail to premioloiacono@gmail.com. These must be accompanied by a detailed curriculum vitae and possibly by a letter of presentation from one or more well-known artists, professors or musicians. A declaration with the candidate’s humanistic, scientific and popular motivations is indispensable.

For any further information, it is possible

• consult the official website of the competition https://premioloiacono.wordpress.com/

• send a message to premioloiacono@gmail.com

San Felice del Benaco