HAPPENED TODAY - On August 2, 1945, the composer Pietro Mascagni died in Rome

Elena Cappelletti (2)


What is his favorite repertoire? Which scores are most frequently on your music stands?
At the moment we are building our repertoire comparing works from different musical eras. Mendelssohn and Shostakovich are among our most popular authors!

What are the future programs of the Alauda Quartet?
We will participate in the “Evolution of the string quartet” summer program at the Banff Center of Performing Art in Canada, studying repertoire, style and interpretation of the String Quartet from Baroque to Contemporary with the Eybler Quartet, Parker Quartet and Jack Quartet. In September we will be at the Master4String in Pistoia, with the Quartetto di Cremona. We are preparing for a chamber music competition to be held in Lugano in September.

The Quartet has already recorded an important CD dedicated to Roffredo Caetani: why this author? Can you talk about this job? If I’m not mistaken, even major magazines have reviewed your CD well…
The proposal to record the music for Quartetto by Roffredo Caetani came from the Roffredo Caetani Foundation, active in the province of Latina. The pianist Roberto Prosseda, also a native of the province of Latina, has in the past recorded music for Caetani’s pianoforte works, but his chamber music works had never been recorded. It was a very interesting but also difficult to approach the music of this author not having previous references, but he gave us the opportunity to discover and bring to light a very interesting Italian late romantic composer. Yes, his music has aroused the interest of many international music magazines, the two quartets of Caetani have been described by Strad Magazine as the missing link between the music of Brahms and that of Schoenberg

And now the last question: your programs for the near or distant future?
Quartet, Quartet, and Quartet! No… I’m joking. There are also other projects to be completed, conclude the Postgraduate Course in Performance Teaching, a collaboration between music and theater for a show inspired by Italo Calvino’s ‘Invisible Cities’ and the concert tour offered by the Loiacono Award!

Many tanks again for your availability. From all of us the best wishes for your life and your future of musician!
Thanks a lot!