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FIM – International Music Fair 2018

FIM – 2018 Music Fair will be held in Milan from May 31st until June 3rd 2018 in MILAN: Piazza Città di Lombardia, with free admission.
But what does FIM mean? What is it concretely?
The acronym defines the International Music Fair, collecting all the paradigms, nuances, history, protagonists and intentions of this Muse and it does so by promoting everything that concerns it: the tools, to create and reproduce it, the ways to share it , in concerts and not only, presenting those who write it, play it, teach it and also those who listen to it, and, obviously, those who sell it. FIM promotes music with all its professional, cultural and educational intentions throughout Italy. Responding to the analysis of a cultural field that seems to have stopped, FIM wants to give a boost, a new energy and the confidence to revitalize this art that has marked the history and tradition of our country. And so it will also do it for its future.
Here you will meet musicians, producers, record labels, manufacturers of musical instruments, artisans, violin makers, small businessmen, record dealers, musical instruments and music teachers with the aim of involving institutions, conservatories, schools, producers and distributors of musical instruments, collecting societies, music associations and cooperatives and record companies. These are the objectives of the FIM: to produce an innovative and unique project to give value to music. To promote growth in the music world by creating a workshop dedicated to it. To stimulate collaboration between artists and beyond. To foster technology in its field through its evolution. To stimulate the study of this discipline to free creativity in everybody. To put this wealth on the web, but, of course, protecting it.
Many artists and music professional people have contributed to this event: David Knopfler, Arthur Brown, David Jackson, David Cross, Bobby Kimball, Joe Lynn Turner, Ken Hensley, Steve Hackett, Paul Buckmaster, Eddie Kramer, Steve Lyon, Michael Baker, Colin Norfield, Patty Pravo, Tiromancino, Eugenio Finardi, Franco Mussida, Omar Pedrini, Giovanni Caccamo, Ermal Meta, Max Casacci, Dado Moroni, Almamegretta, Davide Van De Sfroos, Cristiano Minellono, Dario Baldan Bembo, Mario Lavezzi, Antonio Rigo Righetti, Kaballa , Alessandro Marangoni, Leo Di Angilla, Marianne Mirage, Patrizio Fariselli, Duo Nicoletta and Angela Feola, Floraleda Sacchi, Fabio Zaffagnini, Carlo Balzaretti, Gianni Sibilla, Cristina Frosini, Alan Sorrenti, Marco Ferradini, the Statutes, Roberta Bonanno, Loredana Error, Luca Colombo, the Jalisse, Diego Spagnoli, Povia, the Dhamm, Francesco Tricarico, Mariella Nava, Nicolò Noto, Andrea Braido, the Gem Boy, Fabrizio Casalino, the Camaleonti, Ruggero De I Timidi, Alb Fortis, Danila Satragno, Roberto Mancinelli, Ivan Cattaneo, the New Dada, Don Backy, Mal dei Primitives, the Delirium, Bernardo Lanzetti, the UT New Trolls, Chanty, Michele, Sandro Giacobbe, Mario Di Donato, Roberto Tiranti, Kledi Kadiu , Roberto Cacciapaglia, Claudio Pascoli, Amedeo Bianchi, Bassi Maestro, Mara Maionchi and many others.
As part of the fair, prestigious musical prizes are also awarded, the best known being the “FIM Award” (Annual Recognition of the International Music Fair).
Now for some details. This sixth edition will be held in the largest covered square in Europe: Piazza Città di Lombardia, in the center of the new Palazzo della Regione Lombardia. The event will be organized by Maia together with Big Box and with the collaboration of the Milan Conservatory, the Sforzesco Castle Museum, the Teatro alla Scala, the Physics Department of the Milan Polytechnic, the Laboratory of Music Informatics at the University of Milan and many others. The doors will be open to students, teachers, professional people and enthusiasts through workshops aimed at the students themselves, in-depth seminars, meetings and interviews with musicians, performances by young talents and exhibition of services and products. These events, in a synergistic way, will realize what is the central theme of this edition: the formation of the musicians of tomorrow.
From 2013 Milan is house and home of music, for musicians, for fans.
Here are the proposals of FIM in the Milan 2018 review through the five thematic areas:
FIM LAB: it will host middle school students with music and workshops and seminars.
FIM SOCIAL: dedicated exclusively to live and unplugged performances.
FIM CASA: it is the beating heart of the meeting, made up of meetings and interviews, live performances in live streaming tv.
FIM ON AIR: is the area dedicated to web radio, web TV, portals and music blogs (including FIM radios).
FIM THEATER: it’s the FIM auditorium. Here the concerts of orchestra and emerging bands will be held.
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