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Gianni Bergamo Classic Music Award 2019


From 11 to 13 September 2019, the Gianni Bergamo Classic Music Award 2019 will be held in Lugano, a competition reserved for groups from the trio to the quintet, for strings or strings only and piano, open to musicians of all nationalities. In the competition rules, it is specified that the average age of the members of the participating groups must not exceed 30 years (maximum individual age 33 years – those born after 1.1.1986 are admitted) and that all members of each ensemble must play in all the proposed pieces.

The competition includes two selection rounds and a final round.

First round. Video recording uploaded to a private channel (eg youtube, vimeo, etc.), indicating the link on the registration form, with place and date of registration. The recordings must be intact (without any type of editing or cuts within the pieces, the cuts are only possible between one piece and another or between one movement and another) and no more than one year old. The presented repertoire must be original and respond to these characteristics: contain at least two pieces of different periods and styles composed before 1900 and a piece composed after 1900 and have a total duration of 40-60 minutes. In the first round, the program can also include individual movements if the entire piece is too long.

Second round. Semifinal. Two or more pieces of free choice of which at least one composed before 1900 and at least one composed after 1900. The total duration of the program must be between 20 and 40 minutes. The pieces proposed must be complete, however, during this round, the jury can have only part of the chosen pieces performed. In the second round, it is allowed to perform pieces presented in the first round (recording).

Third round. The final. Free choice concert program with a maximum duration of 50 minutes without pause. For the final the program selection is free. In the third round the pieces must be complete.

Only original copies are allowed, not photocopies.

In the jury, in addition to Gianni Bergamo, great musicians like Simone Gramaglia, Marco Parolini, Marco Rizzi, Daniel Haefliger.

Gianni Bergamo was born in Milan in 1941. After graduating in Economics in 1964 at the Catholic University of Milan, he devoted himself to the study of music under the guidance of Tissoni (Harmony and Composition) by D. Maffeis (Organ) and N. Sanzogno (Orchestra Direction) at the Conservatory of Bergamo. From 1964 to 1994 he devoted himself to entrepreneurial activity with his own companies in the Import-Export, Real Estate and Financial sectors without, however, departing from music and his world. In 1990 he founded the Cultural Association “Gli Amici Cantori”, first as a choral group and later also as an orchestral group with which he held numerous concerts in Italy, favoring the symphonic-sacred repertoire (Masses – Oratories – Passions etc.). He currently lives in the city of Santiago de Chile.

These are the prizes for the competition:

1st prize: 12.000 €
2nd prize: 8.000 €
3rd prize: 5.000 €

To register for the competition you must download and fill out the form available on the competition website and send it to info@giannibergamoaward.ch by June 30, 2019 (date of receipt).

For more information: INFO

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