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HAPPENED TODAY - On June 23, 1956, the composer Reinhold Glière died in Moscow


Also this year, exactly one year from the celebrations of Monteverdi, Cremona is preparing to open a new edition of the Monteverdi Festival, to win the public with even richer and more involving musical proposals. “Orpheus the bard, a demigod, ascended to heaven with his father Apollo, gives way to a man. A man who in Monteverdi’s work returns home, after a thousand vicissitudes, to find the faithful and patient Penelope and his son Telemachus. Ulysses is first a man and then a hero, a myth of yesterday and today. He embodies the very idea of knowledge, the thirst for knowledge but also the precariousness of human existence that can do nothing against the will of the gods and the forces of nature. Ulisse fights with cunning and remorse, harmony and chaos, light and darkness, woman and siren, between known and unknown … and we – modern Ulysses – fight with him “.
This will be the leitmotiv of the 2018 edition festival. In order to interpret it, new ensembles will be proposed, with new repertoires and in new places. The music will bring us back to the deeds of our heroes, like Ulysses, in timeless stories. Other heroes, this time of ancient music, will accompany us inside the Festival: guides with instruments and voices. On May 5th, Vivica Genaux and Sonia Prina will inaugurate the role of Gloria and Imeneo, accompanied by Fabio Biondi’s Europa Galante. Then on May 6th, the misadventures of Eurydice and Dido, played by Francesca Aspromonte and Pomo D’Oro directed by Enrico Onofri. On May 19th Ottavio Dantone will pay homage to the Venetian hero-musicians: Marcello, Vivaldi, Albinoni. And again on May 25th: Handel, Pergolesi and Vivaldi addressed by Gemma Bertagnoli.
On May 26th, the tenor Ian Bostridge, proposes Neapolitan works together with the Napolitana Chapel by Antonio Florio. On May 12th the Arpeggiata of Cristina Pluhar returns to Cremona for the Vespers of the Blessed Virgin of the “divine” Monteverdi.
The seventeenth century and its musical revolution is explored by the Quartetto di Liuti from Milan (May 20th): Caccini and Rossi are pioneering authors in this era of innovation.
The Prophets of the Fifth (May 13th) intertwine contemporary excursions and the liturgical music of Salomone Rossi Hebreo, a composer of madrigals at the court of the Gonzagas and a musician of the synagogue. May will animate churches, courtyards and palaces on Sundays: performances by young ensembles selected by the Center Culturel de Recontre / Festival d’Ambronay (EEEmerging Project) and the International Music Competition Antiqua / MA Festival Bruges.An ancient music proposes the heroes of tomorrow: dedicated to Alfonso d’Este the Concert of Margherita (May 20th). Geminiani, Locatelli and Veracini (May 27th) will be explored by the virtuosity of Evgeny Sviridov.
On May 18th, the concert will be entirely dedicated to Corelli: the protagonists Alessandro Tampieri and the Byzantine Academy. Then the journey starts going backwards, towards the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the death of Loyset Compere, the extraordinary French-Flemish composer, like Josquin, Dufay and Ockeghem. The Orlando Consort will take us by the hand to introduce us into the intricate but sublime counterpoint. The Tallis Scholars will conclude the Festival (May)31st honoring the Renaissance and its men: teachers, princes, heroes, men in arms.
This festival will therefore be a journey and we will be the new Ulysses who, guided by the music of Monteverdi, will travel on the waters of the river Po listening to concerts that unite the Monteverdian cities: Cremona, Venice and Mantua. Concerts by boat, concerts in the cities to relive the same itineraries as the musician dear to us did . So let’s start our journey in Monteverdi Festival 2018.