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HAPPENED TODAY - On October 25, 1864, the composer Aleksandr Grechaninov was born in Moscow

Mr&Mrs Cello (3)

Massimiliano I have been teaching cello for about ten years and, currently, I am a teacher at the “Giacomo Puccini” Conservatory in Gallarate. I love helping kids to reach their maximum potential and to express their personality through music and cello. Whenever I teach, I discover new technical and musical aspects myself. I would say that being a teacher is a fundamental and inseparable component of my being a musician.

The position of artistic director of the Regina Musica Festival in Maenza: briefly, what is it? what commitments and responsibilities does it entail?
Fulvia To manage a Festival, various managerial, communicative, relational and social skills are needed, which I acquired a little on the field and then also at the University of Zurich, where I obtained a Master’s degree in cultural management. The Regina Musica Festival of Maenza has been a great experience of generosity on the part of our staff, in making available to people hungry for knowledge and culture some of the most beautiful pages written for chamber music. In 2019 our new festival in Horgen was born which took advantage of the knowledge and knowledge acquired in Maenza to develop better.

When was your Duo formed? In which situation? What is the purpose of this partnership? Is there already a unity of programs and artistic choices? What will your next commitments be?
Fulvia e MassimilianoThe duo Mr & Mrs Cello was founded in April 2017 with the transcription of a piece by Sam Smith that we performed in an ancient room in Zurich sitting on Bionic Paints, or bionic pants created by a NOONE company, which we had seen by chance on the internet. We contacted them to find out if they would like to collaborate and so we experimented with these pants. This song has not seen the light of day, it will instead be included in our third album CROSSOVER THREE, on sale from February 2020. This experience was followed by the video recordings in London of Einaudi’s music and so began our wonderful adventure as a duo, in life, and in music. The artistic choices are not decided at the table, because we did not set up for mere business. We arrange and play what we like best, a desire we have had for some time. If in a period we are “more classic”, we dedicate ourselves to all the authors of the Baroque and engrave in this sense, if, instead, we have a more pop-soul, or, as in the case of the song Shallow, we remain warmly inspired and surprised by this song, then we dedicate ourselves to this. It’s all the fruit of our heart and love of music. The next commitments are some participation in various Italian and international festivals, registrations and participations such as… we still cannot say, sorry!

What did it mean to transcribe a piece by Einaudi for two cellos?
Fulvia e Massimiliano It was very simple for us, being artists with a fairly broad background. As a child, I was 13 years old composing music for piano, as well as writing novels, while Massimiliano studied composition for 4 years.

Two studio albums already belong to it: Crossover One and Two. Crossover has a very specific meaning, but which characteristics must have a sound and the score of a cello that embraces multiple styles or at least does not want to be limited to a single style?
Fulvia e Massimiliano The term Crossover means to name something that goes beyond a single style. Our desire is not to distort the sound of the cello, but to use our musicality and the simple language of transcription, which we work to make available to the whole world, thanks to Halidonmusic, our voice in that precise song or in that song.

Quali sono gli autori più presenti sui vostri leggii, al di fuori dei concerti?
Fulvia e Massimiliano We embrace almost all composers, except contemporary music.

[to be continued]