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HAPPENED TODAY - On 26 May 1856, the conductor and painter George Templeton Strong was born in New York

About us

You poet, at the obscure universe always stare, for us you grasp it and frame in clear words and pleasing verse…….
(G. Pascoli)

The cellist who approaches the web in looking for information often has the sensation of being right in the “obscure universe” mentioned by Giovanni Pascoli in one of his most famous poems.
The information that is in front of me is so many, so many … definitely too many, and often so confusing and contradictory that it really makes him lose his bearings.
From this consideration comes mycello.it, a site dedicated to the cello that transforms the “obscure universe” of the web into “clear word”, a site that allows cellists to quickly and effectively reach the information they seek.
Information on competitions, festivals, auditions, sheet music and repertoire, and even interviews and columns on history and current events.
A site to visit, a site to return to and above all a site to use.

Editorial board


Luca Lodetti. Great music lover, since adolescence dedicates every free minute to listening to music. Collect first LP and then CD, and soon becomes a true high fidelity expert. At the beginning he listens to everything, but then begins to orient himself in a more and more decisive way towards classical music. He regularly follows concerts, especially chamber music, and is gradually fascinated by an instrument in particular: the cello. After various work experiences, decide to take advantage of the managerial and organizational skills that he has acquired to transform his passion for classical music into a full-time activity, and in particular of cello music, creating the website mycello.it.

Musicological consultancy

Annalisa Barzanò. After graduating in Arts and Piano Diploma, she continued her studies at the School of Palaeography and Musical Philology of Cremona where she graduated with honors in Musicology. She discusses a thesis on the cellist Alfredo Piatti, the result of two years of patient research work in libraries and archives in the middle of Europe that allowed her to reconstruct the biographical events of the great cellist from Bergamo, the catalog of his works and the programs of almost 500 concerts. In 1996 she published the first modern biography of Alfredo Piatti and the following year she was one of the founding members of the Alfredo Piatti Association, where she began to devote herself to the research and enhancement of the violoncellist compositions of every age and style. In 2001, on the occasion of the centenary of Piatti’s death, she was commissioned by the Kronberg Academy to take care of Piatti’s biography, which is published in English and German, on the occasion of the annual Festival. In just a few years she became a reference scholar for cellists from all over the world who turn to her to find scores and to get ideas for concert programs that are new, original and appreciated by the public. Since 2006 she has been one of the souls of the “Alfredo Piatti” International Cellist Festival, held in Bergamo every year in November.