HAPPENED TODAY - On August 2, 1945, the composer Pietro Mascagni died in Rome

Reading advice


Alyson Richman, The Garden of letters

A beautiful novel that tells the story of an entire generation of Italian kids, forced to grow up quickly. A novel to read in one breath on a summer day.


Bettina Hoffmann, I bassi d’arco di Antonio Vivaldi

“It is necessary to explore deeply that Vivaldi who for many years was a teacher of cello, double bass, and viola da gamba and who gave the evolution of the low strings a decisive contribution”


Anita Lasker-Wallfisch, Inherit the Truth 1939-1945

“Although life proceded fairly normally, we had a growing awareness that all was not well. There were worried faces and there was talk of emigration.”


Adele Tariel, Aria per violoncello/Un air de violoncelle

“Berlin, 1988. Playing in the attic I discovered a cello that belonged to my grandmother. Since I was allowed to take him in my arms, we never left each other”


Rino Maione, Il Concerto per violoncello e orchestra

“The choice of works was made on the basis of two criteria: one that takes note of the exceptional intrinsic value of some of them, the other that looks at the accentuated evolutionary process”.


Roberto Soldatini, La musica del mare

“Before dinner, it was a concert with Johann Sebastian Bach’s Suite 1 for cello solo, the “Wave Suite”, which more than any other makes me think of the sea.”


Steven Galloway, The Cellist of Sarajevo

“It screamed downward, splitting air and sky without effort. A target expanded in size brought into focus by time and velocity”


Robert Schumann, Advice to Young Musicians – Revisited by Steven Isserlis

“From a pound of iron, which costs virtually nothing, a thousand watch-springs can be made, which are worth a fortune. That pound, which you have received from the Lord use it faithfully.”


Marc D. Moscovitz, R. Larry Todd, Beethoven’s Cello: Five Revolutionary Sonatas and Their World

“So what was Beethoven’s relationship to the cello? Though not a cellist himself, he spent a portion of his formative musical years as a violinist in the court orchestra of Bonn.”


Gabriele Rinaldi, The Botany of Music

“What would music be if there were no magnificent woods that, thanks to the violin makers’ skill, tame the noise, the vibrations, the frictions, the beats and make the sounds?”