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Emmanuele Praticelli, La Guida per il Genitore del Violoncellista

“A large part of young people who study cello tends to trace some errors that need to be corrected with a certain frequency: this task is up to the teacher during the lesson, but it is not possible for him to do it while the student is studying at home. The observations of the parent, informed of these inconveniences, therefore become a precious help for the teacher. Let’s see together the main obstacles that the student may face and how to recognize them “

Often those who choose to study the cello were born in a family where music is at home, where mum and dad play the cello or other instruments or are in any case passionate about music, but sometimes the love for the instrument also arises in boys born into a family where no one has a musical basis. It is therefore evident that each of the parents to whom this guide is addressed would need different information. How then to write a text that can satisfy such diversified needs?

Emmanuele Praticelli’s text solves the problem by welcoming the reader first of all with an index that allows immediate orientation. Those who have no idea what a cello is can read the book from beginning to end, while those who already know something, but need some more specific information, can read only what they need when they need it.

A text to read when the choice of instrument has already been made, but also useful for those who have not yet chosen and, having no idea even what the difference between a violin and a cello is, needs to start from scratch. A book that presents in a realistic way what are the challenges that the parent of a cellist will have to face (What jobs can a cellist do? But how much does it cost to become a cellist?), but which ends with an overview of the most wonderful compositions for cello more than enough to make the effort of all the obstacles to be overcome along the way acceptable.

A nice book, useful and well structured, to read and keep at hand ready to consult whenever there is a doubt.

Emmanuele Praticelli, who graduated from the Conservatory of Castelfranco Veneto under the guidance of Vittorio Ceccanti, combines an intense concert activity with a profound interest in the teaching of the instrument also through projects aimed at primary school children who are offered the possibility of the first approach to music. His series of videos available online on the YouTube channel “Made in Orchestra” is also very interesting.


La Guida per il Genitore del Violoncellista
Quinta Corda (8 giugno, 2021)
ISBN-10: 8856634767
ISBN-13: 979-1280603005

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