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Roberto Soldatini, La musica del mare

“Before dinner, it was a concert with Johann Sebastian Bach’s Suite 1 for cello solo, the “Wave Suite”, which more than any other makes me think of the sea … the light of the Turkish lamp, and all around an unreal silence, so as to be able to perceive the emotion of the listener in those who love each other “.

A boat, the sea, a cello. Roberto Soldatini, author and protagonist of this autobiographical travel diary (Marinkovich prize for literature) has chosen to spend his life aboard a sailboat. Anchored in port, or traveling, it alternates moments of “ordinary” life (teaching, concerts) with moments of adventure, of traveling in search of itself accompanied by the music of the sea. “The sound of the wind, the one that generates by inflating the sails or making howling shrouds and halyards, the sound of breaking waves and that of the hull that goes through them. All this is already music, with its rhythms, its melodies, his polyphony, his harmonies “.

But from the pages of the book, rapid sketches of landscapes also emerge “I remain enchanted to contemplate the harmony of a casual urban development, made of houses that fit together, projecting upwards, where the castle stands”.

Roberto Soldatini sails alone, but his life during his travels is intertwined with the lives of the men and women he meets: “Jean-Paul, a medical radiologist … at the age of thirty he crossed the Atlantic with an eight-meter sailboat”…” Maria is very kind, she explains the story of this enchanted place with her English that has the same melody of her Greek, sweet and rhythmic ”

A book for music lovers, for sailboat and travel enthusiasts, for discovering the world and searching for the meaning of life.

The French translation of the book, La musique de la mer, won the Prix Albatros 2017 (first non-French award-winning author).

Roberto Soldatini Cellist, conductor, writer, and solitary navigator. Every year it alternates six months of navigation with six months that he spends anchored in the port of Naples. After studying at the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome, he performed concerts as a cellist and was a member of the Rome Opera Orchestra, where Giuseppe Patanè offered him to be his assistant. He was then chosen as an assistant by Myung-Whung at the Opéra Bastille in Paris. After his debut in Italy, in Spoleto, he worked as a conductor, both in the symphonic and in the operatic field. Since 1984 he has been Professor of Conservatory. Among his books, we also remember Sinfonie Mediterranee (2016) and Denecia. Autobiografia di una barca (2018).


La musica e il mare
Nutrimenti (28 maggio 2014)
ISBN 10: 8865943165
ISBN 13: 978-8865943168