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HAPPENED TODAY - On April 21, 1951, the cellist and composer Aleksandr Krein died in Moscow

Inbal Segev

Let’s start from your origins: have you inherited musician DNA from your family? Or, were there any cellists in your household?
My mother is a pianist and she instilled the love of music in me, I grew up hearing her play and performed with her until my teen years.

Will you briefly tell us about your education and training as a cellist? Who are the main teachers and the most important figures who have contributed to your musical growth?
I was very fortunate and had wonderful teachers, within Israel- Shmuel Magen and Uzi Wiesel, and in the United States- Also Parisot, Joel Krosnick, and Bernard Greenhouse, who in turn was a student of Pablo Casals.

Israel and the cello: how are the musical environment and the musical vitality in this country?
Israel has the highest count of orchestras per capita compared to other countries. We care deeply about the arts and many wonderful musicians come from Israel. For one of my first commercial recordings I chose to record Jewish music for cello and piano, I am very proud of that CD.

I have read very positive opinions, in the specialized press, about your sound: according to you, from whom or what do this personality and richness come, besides technique?
I owe some aspects of my sound to my last teacher, Bernard Greenhouse, who helped me develop it. It’s been an obsession for me for many years. Sound is unique to each musician and is a part of our musical personality. It is the first thing our audience hears and it affects every aspect of our music making so it is extremely important.

With which orchestras did you play?
I was only 18 when I performed with the Berlin Philharmonic and it was a high bar. I have since traveled the world and played with many orchestras, from Europe to the far east, America and Israel. My upcoming performances include solos with the Baltimore Symphony, Cincinnati Symphony and Bogota Philharmonic orchestras.

With which chamber groups?
I play regularly with The Lincoln Center Chamber Music Society. I also have a string trio with the former concertmaster of the New York Philharmonic, violinist Glenn Dicterow, and violist Karen Dreyfus.

Did you create a significant artistic relationship with someone in particular?
Apart from my chamber music partners mentioned above, I have recently released a recording with pianist Juho Pohjonen, with whom I greatly enjoy playing.

Could you name some festivals where you performed?
For the past three years, I curated and performed as part of the Baltimore Symphony New Music Festival. This summer I will perform at the Cabrillo festival and the Chautauqua festival.

If I am not mistaken, you have been received many honors.
Yes, I received some prizes at the Casals competition in Kronberg and the Paulo competition in Finland, the Washington International competition and at the Juilliard concerto competition, when I was a student.

What do you have on your agenda for the coming months?
I have very exciting few months ahead, with a premiere of a new concerto that was written for me by Anna Clyne, with the Baltimore Symphony, Marin Alsop conducting. I will then perform this beautiful concerto again at the Cabrillo and Chautauqua festivals this summer. [to be continued ⇒ ]